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Technik-Leather 2.0

Former Audi designer develops new, leather-like material that biodegrades in landfill.

Is Algae the Answer?

Algae and other similar types of bacterias may be the answer to creating sustainable fabrics in fashion. Algae can be grown to fit the...

Hyundai Car Seats Become Chic

Last Friday, Maria Cornejo of Zero + Maria Cornejo and Hyundai unveiled their 15-piece collection named Re:Style. The collection featured...

A Student's "Fresh" Take on Trash

A University of Michigan student takes initiative to clean up the nearly 22 million pounds of plastic in the Great Lakes by establishing...

Let Me Eat Your Clothes

A new approach to the sustainable fashion lifecycle focuses not only on the types of materials used but also the disposal of those...

What is Alter-Nappa Leather?

Alter-nappa leather is a type of faux leather. Faux leather is used as an alternative to genuine animal leather and is also known by...

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High Fashion/Low Impact curates the latest fashion sustainability news, focusing on events that balance environmental responsibilities with stakeholder interests. We aim to provide short, informative articles for busy individuals who are interested in fashion sustainability and business strategy. Originally founded in New York City in 2019, High Fashion/Low Impact is now headquartered in Venice Beach, Los Angeles. 

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