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Technik-Leather 2.0

Vicki von Holzhausen, a former designer of Audi car interiors, launches a new collection of handbags constructed from her own proprietary material, “Technik-Leather.” Technick-Leather looks and feels like leather but is made from recycled plastic bottles. Unlike other materials made from plastic, Technik-Leather is biodegradable. It has been injected with an additive that attracts a microbe that breaks down its plastic bonds, causing the material to decompose within five years. The materials contains seven layers of recycled plastic fabric, an ultra-thin layer of foam, and a resin imprinted with a grain. Von Holzhausen plans to sell the formula to other companies with the goal of making traditional leather extinct.

To read more about Technik-Leather 2.0, click here

[Photo: Von Holzhausen via]


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